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When is the narumi the daddy story going to be posted

Sorry I can’t give a better answer, but it’ll be posted when I have it written. I honestly don’t know when that’ll be, but when I do know about when I’ll be finished with stuff, I’ll make some sort of announcement regarding how things are progressing.


Some of the best lines from Portal/Portal 2.

Is there going to be more parts to Naurami daddy story

There will be! I’m planning on continuing the story until the child is born and there’ll probably be a chapter or two after that.

Blogging Birthday

Hey guys!

My blog turned one yesterday so I figured now is a good a time as any to give an update on how things are going.

While I am on my summer holidays, I have a lot less free time than I expected to have. I have a job! I’d been trying to get a few days of work experience in a lab and went to an “informal chat to discuss option”. Turned out to be a formal interview, but at the end of it all, I was offered a 12 week contract! So while I’m over the moon about this experience, I have a lot less time than of like for other activities.

Having said that, I am still writing when I get a chance and will try my best to post as often as possible.

So happy birthday to this little blog of mine and a huge thank you to everyone who reads, likes and reblogs it!



((Now I see why I can never leave the Sleepless City, it seduces me far more than anything of the other games I’ve played))


Why is there a hedgehog I want the hedgehog I can has hedgehog please?



Takuto Hirukawa: Pretty Green Dress (Mature)

Hey all! This is for novemberpinup (I got your ask this morning darling and hoped you’d prefer this response. :P) it’s my first time writing a full smut fic, never mind publishing it so I very much hope it’s enjoyable!

Warning: This fic contains mature content. Please don’t read it if you think you might be offended by it.

A foul mood hung over him like a dark cloud as he typed furiously on his computer.

"Are you sure you don’t want to come too Taku?" She called into the room from the hall.

"Like I’d want to go to some dingy club." He sneered at the screen. "If you had any sense, you’d wouldn’t want to either."

"For Heaven’s sake Takuto, it’s Ranko’s birthday! I’m not going to miss my best friend’s birthday."

Caught off guard, he felt his jaw drop when she entered the room. High heels, no doubt borrowed from Ranko, accented her long legs and a form fitting green dress that fell to the middle of her thigh made him want to drop everything else and kiss her.

"You’re going out in that?" He stammered a little.

Sarah frowned. “Is it ok? I wasn’t so sure about it, but Ranko said-“

"You shouldn’t let other guys see you wearing that." He interrupted, folding his arms resolutely.

"Takuto." She sighed. "We’ve had this conversation before. You can’t be like that and then show disgust at the idea of going out and socialising."

"Can too." He pouted, aware that he was being childish, but unwilling to let her know he realised that. "Enjoy your night out. I’ll be here if you realise how boring it is."

Shaking her head, she pressed a quick kiss to his forehead and hurried outside to the waiting taxi.

As the night wore on, he began to regret turning down Sarah’s invitation. Would it really have been so bad to go to a club with her? They could’ve had fun together.

Cursing his own stubbornness, Takuto quickly realised that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his work at this rate. Maybe it wasn’t too late to go join Sarah in whatever loud venue she had gone to…

Yet just as Takuto went to throw on a jacket and go searching for his girlfriend, the the front door opened.

"You’re back early."

"Tatsuro has to work early tomorrow." She explained, dropping her keys into the glass bowl by the door.

"Togoshi was there?" Damnit, Takuto should have went, just in case that detective got the wrong idea about their relationship.

“Of course.” Sarah seemed oblivious to his irritation. “He’s Ranko’s brother.”

"Of course." The blond scowled, then almost shyly, glanced at Sarah. "It does look good. The dress I mean."

And it did. The shimmery fabric highlighted each of her curves, making him want her even more. Before he could realise what he was doing, the hacker had stood and crossed the room.

"Takuto?" Sarah looked up at him as he drew closer to her.

"You’re…" He felt his cheeks flush. Damn it, he was going to get this one out, even if it killed him. "beautiful." He finished, pressing his lips against hers before she could respond or tease him for his embarrassment. He pulled her close, the kiss becoming more aggressive as though reminding her that she was his. Togoshi would never have a chance at taking what belonged to him.

He wasn’t sure if she had moved them, or if his own feet had done the work, but the next thing he knew, the backs of his legs had hit the sofa. He broke away from the kiss, fingers toying with the zip at the back of her dress as he looked questioningly into her eyes. Her own delicate fingers tugged at the hem of his t-shirt, as though urging him on. That was all the encouragement he needed. As the dress pooled around her feet, she pulled his t-shirt over his head before turning her attention to his belt.

Before long, they had shed all clothing and Takuto was sitting on the couch, she was straddling his lap. Her tongue slipped inside his mouth and his hands roamed appreciatively over her body. Her own hands gripped his shoulders, pulling his body closer to hers.

"Takuto." She sighed against his lips. "Please…" Their eyes, both pairs clouded with lust, met and in that instant, they didn’t need words to communicate.

He slipped inside her hot, wet core and she arched her back in pleasure, pushing her breasts against his chest. They moved in synchronisation, hips rocking against each other.

Her face was flushed from exertion and his own was in a similar state no doubt. They shared a frenzied, passionate kiss and his hands caressed her breasts, alternating between gentle strokes and toying with her nipples. She made a beautiful sight, hair tousled, cheeks a beautiful shade of pink and her breasts bouncing as she moved against him.

He could feel his own release drawing dear and his fingers landed on her clit, determined to pull her over that ledge with him. His fingers stroked and swirled, employing every trick he knew would make her toes curl in pleasure.

"Takuto…" Sarah moaned his name against his lips as his thrusts became more powerful and she tightened around.

Sarah’s head fell back as she orgasmed and her pulsing around Takuto was enough to send his spiralling into release with her.

Neither spoke for a few minutes, instead taking the time to catch their breath and relax against each other.

"I love you Sarah." He said finally.

She smiled, before nuzzling his neck. “I love you too.”

As Takuto caught sight of the dress that had been discarded on the floor, he couldn’t help but feel that just maybe, he’d take her on a date somewhere fancy so he could see her in it again.

Guys. I’m freaking out.



I went to an interview this morning, expecting nothing because I’m not even in college yet and I was up against college graduates.

Yet this evening, I get a phone call, brace myself for bad news and answer.

Turned out, I have a summer internship in a laboratory!

I may or may not have bounded about the house screeching a little bit.

CONGRATULATIONS! *gives you springs to bound like Tigger some more*

I get to be like Tigger as well?! This day is awesome; thank you!! *hugs*

Guys. I’m freaking out.

I went to an interview this morning, expecting nothing because I’m not even in college yet and I was up against college graduates.

Yet this evening, I get a phone call, brace myself for bad news and answer.

Turned out, I have a summer internship in a laboratory!

I may or may not have bounded about the house screeching a little bit.


I didn’t know what to do in my pause, so I decided to edit the mermaid sprite I had from a screenshot and I made the MC.

I could do it better but for now I’m super happy and I don’t know why! xD

They are so cute vasbdjdfbewi *dies*
Next time I’ll make myself uhuhuhuh

Edit: Updated with Russell and Nathan xD (I’m having fun, yes)